Agriculture and Food Security U S. Agency for International Development

In addition to smaller productions of other agricultural products, such as melon , pumpkin , grapefruit , cranberry , cherry , blueberry , rye , olive , etc. When you submit your article, the primary objective is that the content is unique and original and unlike copy anything else you see on the web. When it comes to writing, we want to publish in-depth articles that educate and inspire our reader. Keeping animals and their waste out of streams keeps nitrogen and phosphorus out of the water and protects stream banks. FS sustains the health, diversity and productivity of the Nation’s forests and grasslands to meet the needs of present and future generations.


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The machine makes furrows in the soil, drops in kernels of high-yield, genetically modified corn, and covers them with dirt. After the corn seeds have sprouted, another machine injects liquid fertilizer into the ground. The heat from the fire makes the soil easy to turn, and the burned vegetation fertilizes it.

This excess nitrogen and phosphorus can be washed from farm fields and into waterways during rain events and when snow melts, and can also leach through the soil and into groundwater over time. High levels of nitrogen and phosphorus can cause eutrophication of water bodies. Eutrophication can lead to hypoxia (“dead zones”), causing fish kills and a decrease in aquatic life. Excess nutrients can cause harmful algal blooms in freshwater systems, which not only disrupt wildlife but can also produce toxins harmful to humans. Modern farms and agricultural operations work far differently than those a few decades ago, primarily because of advancements in technology, including sensors, devices, machines, and information technology.

APHIS provides leadership in ensuring the health and care of animals and plants. The agency improves agricultural productivity and competitiveness and contributes to the national economy and the public health. Investing in these smallholder farmers—many of whom are women—and the food systems that nourish them is more important than ever. In order to feed a population expected to grow to 9 billion people by 2050, the world will have to double its current food production.

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Often, machines automatically provide feed and water, collect the eggs, and remove waste. Most of the world’s farmers live in developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Many of them cultivate land as their ancestors did hundreds or even thousands of years ago. They do not use agricultural technology involving expensive chemicals or production methods. Their digestive system has evolved to process grasses and other crops.

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