Guest Post: Free Tools for the Frugal Writer

I’ll be gardening, canning, thinking of clever ways to make our lives more sustainable, and writing. My friend Cat of Budget Blonde turned her writing into a remarkable business that she operates from home and uses to support her kiddos and husband . She’s a dynamic beacon for what you can accomplish through a driven, entrepreneurial approach and I’m continually amazed by her successes in the field. Whether you’re a teacher or a learner, can put you or your class on the path to systematic vocabulary improvement.

Covers articles about fitness, health and some awesome money saving fitness tips. The Frugal Exerciser is for those who want a healthier lifestyle but don’t wish to spend a lot of money. Sharing delicious easy recipes, homemaking tips, and money saving ideas! Covers articles about saving money for students, mommies & daddies, brides, and Pittsburghers. Femme Frugality explores parenthood, education, travel, marriage and identity through the lens of women’s personal finance.


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I find my voice keeps up better with my thoughts than my fingers (even touch-typing). A cool dude sharing his sometimes useful or interesting thoughts with the world. Daycare for a baby is so very expensive, whereas any money you make while you are at home and baby is sleeping is yours to keep. On another note I will admit I’m happy to hear you are all thinking about alternative work schedules. I felt kind of bad when you said you wouldnt stop working early even with the baby. Well I think a lot of new parents don’t realize how much they are planning to miss out on when they plan to work that first year.

I’ve always enjoyed your writing, so glad it will continue. 🙂 It is amazing how many writing opportunities are out there and appears some good money can be made. I have always done some form of writing, comic books as a kids, screenplays in my 20’s and now personal finance. It my recent career bump it has certainly give me some time to reflect on what I really want to do going forward. Thrifty, spartan, and prudent are synonyms for frugal, a word that often has positive connotations when used to describe a person who lives a simple life.

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Frugal Family Times is all about living a rich life on a DIY budget. My name is Lisa, and I’m a mom of 2 wonderful kids living in the Minneapolis-St. I am always seeking great deals and better, affordable ways of enjoying life with my family. I created this site to share with you what I find – and talk about frugal living as well as life as a mom. Sharing delicious and healthy recipes, budgeting ideas, gardening tips, DIY, and crafting with humor and humanity. Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity is about living a champagne life on a sparkling cider budget!

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