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Due to a high volume of asymmetric offers, we will not be responding to pitches that do not meet our criteria. Since there is still some confusion on this matter, let me be explicitly clear, I didn’t create the blog and invest countless hours and money to give you free advertising. I totally get it; you have been listening to Neil Patel and decided to produce some epic skyscraper content. But, I digress, so to stay in the good graces of the Girl Scouts, the cat, and the money nerds over at Dell, I can’t give you free advertising on my blog.


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The Penny Hoarder blog features articles about unusual ways to earn and save money. Posts usually run to 800 words or longer, and payments need to be pre-negotiated. They are interested in unique job ideas, success stories about saving or making money, and doing anything on a budget, to give you a few examples. It’s a big blog and they are not interested in ideas they’ve already posted on the site. The Doctor of Credit blog focuses on every aspect of credit cards. They have a small in-house writing team, but they are always on the lookout for fresh ideas that fit their blog.

Attention freelance writers with kids living in the Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia areas! Chesapeake Family Magazine hires writers for local parenting articles. You could definitely score a personal finance writing gig with a piece that helps parents save or manage money. They love when you quote local authorities, so get up and go find yourself some local finance experts to quote in your pitch. Better Homes and Gardens uses freelance writers for about 10% of its articles. Your best chance of getting a yes are topics related to parenting, travel, education, and health.

They recommend that you explore new ideas to get their attention. And if your idea is time-sensitive and related to current breaking news, send that rough draft NOW and let them help you work on it (if it’s accepted). You don’t need to know it all, because you can find experts to interview and quote in your articles. I wouldn’t be able to pull this off without either being part of the targeted audience or doing extensive research with the method I mentioned above.

They’re always looking for freelance writers who know their way around these topics. Only submit new and original reports, analysis, or commentary. is “a lifestyle site for moms who happen to be parents.” The site covers parenting topics from pregnancy to empty nesters as well as lifestyle topics too. And they’ve already got a nice selection of personal finance and money articles. Go check them out and come up with some great personal finance pitches they can’t resist.

All of the content is geared around the nuances of being a woman in today’s financial world. Plus, the writing team is made up of experienced personal finance experts eager to help guide other women to find financial success. Money (also known as ‘J$’), who is often considered one of the FIRE movement’s fathers. As you can probably tell by the name of this money blog, the posts are down-to-earth and straightforward.

It’s rewarding to find the best way to present difficult concepts to a broad audience and exciting to learn about the latest financial technology. You have to read to write, and these are the resources that have a permanent spot in my RSS feed reader. Analogies are an excellent way for someone to grasp financial concepts that might sound impossible to understand from a base definition. I can represent compound interest by showing a growing population of cats or a debt management plan with selling products at a store. $2 per word for a lengthy piece involving a good amount of investigative footwork. Whatever your secret, when it comes to money, you’re in the know.

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