What is a Computer Mouse?

Multiple mice are often used in multi-user gaming in addition to specially designed devices that provide several input interfaces. The DE-9 connectors were designed to be electrically compatible with the joysticks popular on numerous 8-bit systems, such as the Commodore 64 and the Atari 2600. Although the ports could be used for both purposes, the signals must be interpreted differently.


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Pointing to an item on the screen means moving your mouse so the pointer appears to be touching the item. When you point to something, a small box often appears that describes the item. Players can use a scroll wheel for changing weapons (or for controlling scope-zoom magnification, in older games).

And also microprocessor or CPU, input and output devices. Today, mostly joysticks connect with the computer by using a USB port. There are different types of ports that used to connect a joystick such as Bluetooth, Serial Port, USB, Game port. Signals XA and XB in quadrature convey X-direction motion, while YA and YB convey Y-dimension motion; here the pointer is shown drawing a small curve. ” (“touch input facility”) based on a conductively coated glass screen.

In those instances, you should take your computer to a repair shop and get a professional opinion—or just start using an external mouse. If your touchpad works after you do this, you’ve found your issue. To keep this service from loading every time you boot up, double-click it and set the Startup type to Manual to prevent it from running unnecessarily. Disabled will keep it from running at all, but this could cause erratic behavior when using your device in tablet mode.

It has the ability to process, store and retrieve data and not only that a computer can also be used send to email, browse the internet for information, saved soft copy documents in the hard disk. The great advantages is it can perform multiple task such accounting formula, database management, play games or perform power point business presentation. As technology advances, today’s computers help make jobs that used to be complicated much simpler.

Some of the mouse components are not required on the laptop. For example, the laptop includes a touchpad that does not utilize a ball, LED, or laser to track the movement. Other components include extra buttons that may be located on the thumb side of the mouse, nubs , and a ball for trackball mouse. In 1991, the company Logitech invented the wireless mouse.

If you’re looking at a document that doesn’t fit on the screen, then moving the scroll wheel forward or backward with your finger will move the document up and down. Some computer mouses don’t have a physical wheel, but are touch sensitive, meaning you can drag your finger forward and back over the mouse , and you will see the screen scroll up and down. When you need to click something, move the mouse pointer to the object you need to click, and then press the left mouse button. Whenever you read, or someone says, click the mouse, it always means the left mouse button.

Unlike a normal mouse, wireless mice were connected by radio signals. Newer wireless mice use Bluetooth or WiFi to connect wireless mice to computers. FPSs naturally lend themselves to separate and simultaneous control of the player’s movement and aim, and on computers this has traditionally been achieved with a combination of keyboard and mouse. Players use the X-axis of the mouse for looking left and right, and the Y-axis for looking up and down; the keyboard is used for movement and supplemental inputs.

As the name suggests, this type of mouse is intended to provide optimum comfort and avoid injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and other repetitive strain injuries. It is designed to fit natural hand position and movements, to reduce discomfort. Also known as bats, flying mice, or wands, these devices generally function through ultrasound and provide at least three degrees of freedom. Probably the best known example would be 3Dconnexion (“Logitech’s SpaceMouse”) from the early 1990s.

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