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All over the world, people are looking for informative articles about caring for elderly, aging, and disabled pets. And the way they’re looking for them has changed. Previously, they would type in a few keywords like “dog DM” in the search engine. Now though, they are asking their cellphones “What do I do if my dog can’t walk anymore? Backlinks are one of the top-ranking factors and acquiring good links can be a challenging task.

LittleDogTips is now accepting contributions from guest post writers. If you’re a dog blogger, representative for a dog-related company, or just like to write about dogs, you can submit a post with your byline. The best pet blogs write for us sources will help you publish your pet blog on the right platform. And it’s important to do that because this will help you get the backlinks, rankings, and most importantly great audience. The writing should be well-researched and have high-quality content. The content should not have been previously published.


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Pet Dog Planet, where more than thousands of dog lovers go each day for unique, inspirational, problem-solving content that helps them take care of their dog and puppy. As a contributor for us, you will help the dog lover to keep their dog happiest, healthiest and getting a longer life span. It is not rocket science to find us or websites like us where you can publish your pet-related banners. All you need to know are the effective search terms that can help you find the best pet blogs from the ocean of Google.

If you don’t submit your article the way we requested from the information above, you’ll be asked to resubmit to standards. If you have great tips and valuable information to share with our readers to help their pets then we are looking to feature you. Please browse through the blog that we cover.

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PetPlace’s content should be accessible to all readers from the first-time pet owner to the seasoned expert. Want to share your thoughts in a review on a new pet product you’ve bought and love ? We love stories, news and new product reviews. Or maybe a dog groomer or nutritionist, bereavement counsellor or even a crystal healer? Whether you want to write about the ins and outs of dog nutrition, veterinary trends, or discuss a health issue and solution, we want to read it! If you have first hand experience of a particular pet and would like to share then we love in depth guides that cover every aspect for our readers.

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