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A Class blogs has the category for Write For Us Business because they are very much popular in these days. Education is a high priority for a better society. You can blog about a variety of relevant subjects and thoughts. If you believe you are an expert in educational writing, please consider contributing to our growing blog. We are continuously looking for high-quality content writers that can write about anything linked to education and help students and readers gain ideas and information.

If you want to submit an article for publication on our website, please send the topic to the email address provided. Topics that are intriguing and related to our site will be approved. Share the article to your social media networks and email lists . You may include backlinks to your website or blog, as long as it is education-related. Submit your blog post to also confirm that has access to edit the Google doc before you share the file with us.

Sharing your story means that other people don’t feel alone and can read relatable content. It’s a great opportunity for building writing experience with the support of one of our sub-editors. The article should not be published anywhere else beforehand. You will not be allowed to publish the article anywhere else after it has been published on Ezyschooling. Here is a list of the niches that you can choose from while writing content for Ezyschooling.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Try to look for a subject that has not been written about over and over again – or have something really fresh and surprising to say about an old theme. Link to recent research or media coverage of the subject matter if appropriate. Use words like “I” and “you” so your readers can easily relate to the information. The article must be related to education and must be beneficial to the teacher, student or parent. The information must be original, fresh, unique and not published elsewhere.

Reach our national audience and make a difference by sharing your stories to like-minded students and graduates. Please note that we may alter your content if need be as the right to do so stays with us. Once everything is successfully done, we will share the link with you. Make sure you have proofread your article and that there are no mistakes, grammatical or otherwise.

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