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When it comes to measuring event marketing ROI, you have three metrics to choose from. When it comes to webinars, each platform has their own value. Determine what is most important to you – price, ease of use, customer service – and go from there.

This can advance your reputation as a thought leader in the industry and establish a critical connection between your brand and prospective buyers. If possible, we encourage you to attach images to your content to make it more interesting and engaging. Compromise in content quality in order to stretch the word limit will not be entertained. We have listed some key categories and industries below on which we expect you to focus while creating a content theme. Bridgette likes to expand her fields of expertise by attending international conferences and taking courses on different subjects.

At the end of reading our articles and various contents, readers should have learned something and have advanced in their understanding of online sales. If the article is relevant, well researched and insightful you have a great chance of getting published. However, only a small percentage of articles are accepted due to the low-quality content and spammy links. We are open to receive well written insightful articles from leaders in marketing and business.

Provide outstanding breathtaking experiences for your audience. Combine your product promotion with quality educational content. We used a special date to trigger the beginning of our flow.

It allows you to connect with your audience in the real world, boosting brand awareness and fostering meaningful relationships. We found these posts enjoyable for many reasons, but mostly because they are actionable, written in a way that’s easy to comprehend. They also include real images, not just random stock photos. There is serious thought put into these posts and they are written to provide value to the reader. Not just to get a post published and get a link back to the author’s website.

In her free time, she volunteers at a local animal rescue. True Film Production can ensure that entertainment is on point with great video animations. Canva to create a visually attractive board/planner type of document. Make sure that the objectives are well-written and formatted.

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