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However, if significant modifications are necessary on our end, we can implement such changes. If all goes according to plan, we will publish your piece within a week and send you an email containing a link to the published version. Whether you’ve just starting out or you’re an expert in your field, we have an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and ideas with the entrepreneurial community. If applicable, we will add stock art to accompany your post.

We always make it a point to be as transparent as we can, so expect a message from us once your content goes online. We will get back to you after reviewing the articles and your query as soon as possible. Also, once the article is published on our website you can not use it anywhere. We do link audits and if any links lead to an error pages like 404, 408, 500, server time out, etc. will be removed without prior notice. Maximum 1 external link is allowed in the article body/author section. You are requested not to send content for marketing purposes.

If you’re interested to writing for us, follow the six easy steps below. If you have the motivation to write for us, firstly, here are a few guidelines for guest post/content submission. MyFinances.co.uk was established to deliver accurate financial information that can help anyone that wants to take control of their finances achieve financial freedom. This site gives you an exceptional variety of news and information that helps you make the right financial decisions. We provide features, guides, access to companies offering professional advice & comparisons for smart money choices. If you are interested in contributing as a writer and becoming part of it, then do please contact us.

We do NOT sell or send your personal information to a list of lenders! If you want to increase the exposure to your writing AND enjoy getting paid for doing so,you are welcome to write for us. If you are worried about whether the post will get approved before writing, send us an example of your previous posts you wrote in the past. In return, we get good content for our audience, which helps us stay connected and relevant to the broader community.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

We reject post submissions if they have little or no relevance to our audience. If you’ve got a set of terrific tips for mum, that’s great, but it’s too general a topic to be relevant for our niche site. Please note that after we publish your article, we hold the rights to whatever content you have submitted.

We do accept sponsored posts from time to time but we prefer a guest post with valuable and actionable advice for our audience. A sponsored post will require a fee or a comparative article about us on a similarly authoritative site. In this blog, we have a list of premium quality finance guest posts for you. Just find out the finance guest post write for us, finance submit a guest post, options on their website and that’s it! You will be able to post your guest post finance very easily. We are accepting guest post and offering guest post opportunities to people who have solution driving articles in accounting, finance, tax, auditing, bookkeeping to write for us.

The editorial team reserves the right to modify the content, links and images. Content should be new and well-researched in its category. We do not accept essays or duplicated content that is already available in search engines. Every submitted content is reviewed and subject to approval.

You can send any of the writings to us, we would go through it and respond you back as time permits. We are looking forward for the unique and valuable content with experience and knowledge. Furthermore, we very much urge you to use resources from our website as internal links, as well as other outbound links from trusted websites. With these, not only does your article looks more professional, but you’ll also effectively earn the trust of our readers. Be sure to review our editorial guidelines to learn more.

We do provide remarkable opportunity for the writers to highlight their expertise and presenting your skills of writing via social media and Internet. At present, we don’t plan to go ahead with any kind of compensation, but we assure that you would be enjoying the visibility on the growing platform. There is no restriction with regards to the number of submission of the articles; it all depends on you and your schedule. We encourage writers from a wide variety of backgrounds to submit guest posts to our website. We are giving writers and small business owners an incredible opportunity to obtain widespread attention and a platform to share their insights with the world.

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