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The fetus also develops a sleep pattern that may not be in sync with the mother. At this time, stretch marks will begin to appear on the breast and stomach of the woman, and she begins to put on weight. This can be quite disconcerting for the mom-to-be.

All the images submitted should be in either JPEG format with no copyright issue. At some point, parents may begin to feel like their children are growing apart from them. This may be a source of heartache, worry, and in other cases, pride on the part of the parents. Parents play an essential part in children’s education. From the time children are little, parents consciously and unconsciously impart some form of knowledge to them.


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On the plus side, the fetus can survive with the right medical care if born prematurely from the 24th week. From your experience, you can guide expectant mothers on how best to prepare for a newborn, from getting a baby crib and clothes to planning a maternity leave at work. During the 2nd trimester, a scan can tell the sex of the baby, and the woman can feel the movement and kicks of the fetus.

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