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If you are interested in learning more about employee engagement, this HR blog is the place to start. It features insights into employee engagement and company culture, and offers tips on how to increase employee motivation. Additionally, it has articles on employee recognition and benefits. This blog is written by an HR professional, for HR professionals. Its aim is to inspire the next generation of HR professionals.


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Guest posting has become a popular way for marketers to create content on a large scale. By creating high-quality content, you can build backlinks and generate traffic for your business. Guest posting on HR blogs is both simple and effective.

Join the Industry’s Most Popular Influencers and HR Experts & Brand yourself and share Your Knowledge with Millions of Our Users Spread Worldwide. In other words, out of 250 applicants, only the best ones are hired. We prefer submissions as Google documents so that editors can easily provide feedback and guidance directly within your draft.

If you are an HR expert and want to write a post for a popular HR blog, consider contributing to EmployeeConnect. This community-driven HR blog allows contributors to share their insights and best practices, as well as latest happenings and trends in HR. The HR blog always looks for new ideas and perspectives, and we welcome contributions on any topic related to HR. Guest posts will also give you a chance to promote your products or services, and can earn you a few bucks. As a small business owner, Workology offers HR insights for a range of industries.

Final pictures and post titles are left to the discretion of Women of HR. Unfortunately, we can’t respond to all requests to submit content, but we will respond to all accepted pitches as quickly as possible. HRhelpboard reserves the right to include call-to-actions to HRhelpboard’s content, including email newsletters, e-books, and other downloadable content. If everything goes well, we will publish your article within a week and will email you the article link.

Freshers, Students, Business owners & Subject experts are also welcome to share their knowledge with us. We would like to build a better business world by providing necessary insights to our audience. As a premium company, we cover different content matters on human resources-related issues, from theory to practical perspectives. Now, if you think you can take this as a challenge, you can share your writing skills with us.

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