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Email that sample, along with any other samples, to s with a little bit about yourself. If you join our team, your sample will be used as your first article on the site. Some websites promise you X amount depending upon the number of page views that your articles receive, which is paid once you hit a ridiculous cap that takes months to hit. You’re then expected to spend hours marketing your own posts and driving traffic to their website.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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DA and PA links are not rejected by us but links should be according to search engines. But what we expect from you is that when you start writing the post, you will keep both audience and Search Engine in your mind and will create the content according to that. To make sure both of us get the most out of your posts, you must submit them in this professional way.

Are you currently looking for a platform that you can use for posting up your guest posts? Creating a blog and adding some quality content is something that we do care about. If you have the skills then we are going to provide you the opportunities that can help you in driving more traffic towards your blog.

You are completely free to write any useful information about the game. Your blog should help readers to satisfy their hunt anyway. You can explain the features, character, how to play or anything about the game in a creative manner. So, let’s start the writing and join us in this amazing mission to make people aware of the innovation of gaming world or make them understand how to play a particular game. Let’s take full advantage of our wonderful site and let express or make people understand how interesting your favourite game is. As the name describes it well, Gaming Write for Us is a game-specific blog.

Due to the involvement of several guest posts requests regularly, it is quite evident that it can take some time to review your guest post. An average of three days is required for reviewing your guest posts. Guest posting is also one of the most successful and effective ways of improving search engine authority for your domain name. Getting up some beneficial backlinks from one of the most popular blogs will ultimately improve the SEO of your blog or website. And the best thing is that the benefits not only will remain limited to a single page only but they will ultimately affect the overall performance of your entire blog as well.

All articles should mandatorily have videos or photos of high quality. Mention the source of an image whenever necessary and make sure it has not been used elsewhere. The videos or photos should fall under the creative commons license. You can get exposure to your brand if you love a game and write for us. The right kind of content will get you exposure and the desired feedback important for your brand. You would get to express your opinion about the games you love/hate on a platform that is widely read, and appreciated.

We take great care of each area of our blog, whether it’s content or SEO, to reach many people throughout the world. Writers are free to send their guest posts in terms of guest post pitches only. Moreover, they can attach their guest post pitch along with the draft also for making the approval process bit faster.

As a result, please double-check that the material you’re about to post here adheres to our rules. You have complete freedom to browse and comment on a wide variety of gaming-related information. Spending time generating high-quality, original material in the gaming sector will not only benefit us but will also help your blog or website reach its full potential. We’ve compiled a list of advantages that can assist you in resolving your issues more effectively. We appreciate you linking back to your post in your future articles – so please write something worth linking to. We are consistently having huge traffic on our blog every month.

But if you love video games and want to be part of that creative process, understand that it’s a much different journey than that of a screenwriter. If you want that your written gaming blog should publish and reach to the audience, then for you, our site is the best platform. You can write the innovative, informative and creative blogs on your favourite game and publish that blog on our site.

Writing is a skill that you may use to communicate your thoughts, ideas, and facts to your audience uniquely and effectively. Only articles having a 90% originality rate are eligible for publication. We enable you to include your author bio and your guest post, which will help you get traction with a large readership. The more individuals who read your author bio, the more likely they are to get acquainted with you. Guest blogging is also one of the most successful and practical techniques to increase your domain name’s search engine authority. Obtaining some valuable backlinks from one of the most famous blogs will boost your blog’s or website’s SEO in the long run.

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