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So, the better picks would be blog pages or educational content rather than homepage, product page, or landing page. Check We don’t want promotional articles, and we definitely don’t want articles we already have on our blog. Check Our readers expect well-written and insightful content.

Once you’ve found good websites to submit to, do your research. Read their blog a bit, think of something that would be great for their audience and pitch it. The blog covers topics around search engine optimization and digital marketing.

It is the starting point if it is the first time you do guest posting. From here, you can see what is working and how to optimize for the next time. Sharing your experience with a guest post on other sectors or relevant websites allows you to establish yourself as an authoritative figure. Even though guest posts and forums don’t generate immediate traffic, they do their bit to improve your site’s SEO. A blog post is the one you put up on your website, and a guest post is the one you share on another person’s website. Since you are not a blog owner, you are termed as a guest, and your post would be a guest blog.


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Therefore, the draft and headings should be optimized for the keywords and search intent of the users. My name is Diego Manson, or as people call me, Seodiego. Because of my interest in the internet, I wanted to make it a better place for myself. I try to share all I know and learn with everyone to help people improve their online skills. To increase your positioning on search engines and enhance SEO, you need to strengthen your brand’s credibility. Deciding where to insert a backlink in a guest post is of fundamental importance.

You should hear back in one to three business days if your post is accepted. These bloggers write about technical SEO like crawl budgets and site speed optimization. If you know a thing or two in technical SEO, this is a great place to pitch your post.

Are you passionate about everything connected to video marketing? Then Wave.video is an awesome opportunity for you to share your ideas. If you’re geeky about everything connected to conversions and sales funnels, Involve.me is an excellent opportunity to share your ideas. If social media marketing is your cup of tea, this is the resource for you. The primary focus here is how to do social media marketing on Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ LinkedIn better – faster, cheaper, and with better results. The guidelines page also outlines the topics which are in priority.

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